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View Diary: Poll: Boehner's pre-impeachment lawsuit is backfiring (176 comments)

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  •  It's a fun thought exercise--in a more closely ... (5+ / 0-)
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    It's a fun thought exercise--in a more closely divided House, would the Tea Party caucus of Gohmert, King, Huelskamp etc. hold out for a Cruz approved "true conservative" and create an opening for a center-left coalition speaker (Think Coffman, Reichert or P. King). But as evidenced by the government shutdown, fiscal cliff, VAWA and so forth, the supposed "moderates" of the GOP will not under any circumstance go NY Senate-style IDC until they're in checkmate. Only after they're staring at the abyss will they side with the dems over the nihilists.

    Incidentally, I believe that a House distribution as you're describing is not only possible, but likely. Our best issues have more resonance in purple seats, and there are plenty of opportunities there. Our job, as ever, is to get our people out to vote. That the GOP is doing everything they can these days to remind our voters of what an epic fuster-cluck people get when they're in charge is only making our job easier. Please proceed, Mr. Speaker...

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