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View Diary: KS-Gov: Over 100 Republican Officials Turn Their Backs On Brownback (R), Back Paul Davis (D) (117 comments)

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  •  What's the matter with Kansas? (5+ / 0-)

    Kansas. The state where the Governor raised taxes for poor people and give the wealthy another tax cut.

    Kansas. The state that is seeking child support from a man who says he signed away all parental rights when he donated sperm to a lesbian couple.

    Kansas. The state that wants to ban the teaching of evolution, and expand the teaching of Creationism in it's public schools.

    Kansas. The state who's legislature is voting to limit broadband internet to its residents.

    Kansas. The state that wants to LEGALIZE discrimination.

    Jesus, what a bunch of dumbasses. The State of Kansas is caught up in a kung-fu grip held by a bunch of fucking right wing wackos. They are making North Carolina look like Disneyland.

    The Kansas legislature-what a bunch of fucking morons. If this is what the state wants, fine-give it to them. After all, they did vote for these idiots. But I'm curious-who will take all those refugees that'll leave the state? This is a first rate version of what Teabaggerstan will look like-where the rich get richer, the uneducated becomes stupider, and the poor souls caught in the middle starve to death.

    People of Kansas, if you want a government that actually works, you have to get out and vote. If you want no government at all, I suggest you go visit Somalia. I have been there, and I can pretty much guarantee you won't like it.

    Kansas has been turned into the Koch Brothers very own experimental lab, and these are the results. Taxes are the price we pay to maintain a civilization; Kansas' civilization is rapidly deteriorating. Thanks to the Koch Bros. and their stooges in Topeka, Kansas is reverting back to feudal Europe. But don't be fooled into thinking that it's only happening in Kansas and a few select other states. If the Koch brothers have their way, the entire country will end up that way. It's not a good recipe.

    Not only did I have the pleasure of visiting Somalia when I was in the service, I also spent a lot of time in the Middle East, South America and Central America. And most of these places had something in common-they had a small ruling class, a small insignificant middle class, and a huge underclass. There was no large, prosperous middle class to serve as a societal buffer. As a result, there was constant instability. There was either something blowing up or burning down. Do we really want that here? I know I don't. Reject the Koch brothers. At every level, at every turn. Before it's too late.
    Brownback has turned Kansas into a national laughingstock. If you need any example of a libertarian wet dream gone bad, you got it right here in Kansas.

    •  Sounds like you don't know much about Kansas. (2+ / 0-)
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      rabrock, whateveramber

      We didn't invite the Koch brother here, you know. And most of your other complaints are true of the US as a whole in the 2000s, so I guess you're calling the US a laughingstock.

      Of course Brownback has not turned Kansas into a laughingstock--we're voting him out the first chance we get because he turned himself into a laughingstock.

      •  Not to quibble, but the Kochs are NATIVE KANSANS. (1+ / 0-)
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        I knowFACTS are confusing, but nobody invited the Koch Brothers to Kansas.  They were ALREADY there.  Perhaps you should get and read "Sons of Wichita".

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