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  •  Toss-up with USPS city branches (7+ / 0-)

    USPS' services and reliability are great, but it's always a toss-up at an actual branch, especially in NYC.

    I really think we need to a better job as a country at educating our citizens how to actually mail stuff. I know that sounds ridiculous, but remember how you learned how to write an address on an envelope and where to place a stamp? We need a whole series of trainings for the more advanced mailing services, stuff like customs forms and how you shouldn't write the same address twice on a package.

    Most of my time waiting at a branch is because my fellow Americans don't know how to actually mail anything! So they ask all these questions and then stay at the window to fill out the forms. If they knew beforehand, things would be so much smoother.

    I love NYC, but suburban post offices are the only thing I miss about suburban life. Way better experience there.

    •  Sounds like an opportunity for internal improvemen (2+ / 0-)
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      Calamity Jean, avamontez

      Maybe write to the local Postmaster.

      "How to" signage sounds useful.

    •  Many people rarely mail anything (7+ / 0-)

      My college freshmen students have grown up on email, text, etc. etc. for everything. No one ever sat them down and showed them how to address a thank-you note to Grandma for the ugly sweater. And people from other countries don't necessarily know how the US wants things addressed.

      So yes, it would be useful if the PO had a "how to" poster at the entrance. It would also be useful if 4th grade teachers had the whole class write and address a letter to someone, just for practice.

      Our local branch tells people (lots of college students, many of them international) what to do, and then sends them off out of the line to fill everything out and then come back (without having to wait on line a second time, but in the meantime other people get served).

      •  In 2nd grade we did just that, mock post office (5+ / 0-)

        We all had to write letters and address an envelope, complete with a stamp. Then we'd sent them and staff would deliver them to the addressee.

        On a side topic, I'm still mad at my 2nd grade teacher for marking wrong my cursive writing in the middle of print. I was doing it to mark emphasis but she marked it as mixed writing styles. =P

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