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  •  I love the USPS (10+ / 0-)

    And I hate FedEx and UPS.  Not their delivery guys -- I interact with several of them on a daily basis and they're all great (well, mostly - there are a couple of UPS guys who aren't all that wonderful, but mostly, good hard-working, helpful people).

    But FedEx and UPS's service is for shit.  And their prices are crazy.

    The USPS, though, I seldom have any trouble with.  I have a PO box so my packages arrive safe and protected and not left out where they can be rained on or stolen.  I can track my packages easily.  I never have a very long wait if I need to go to the desk, and they're always polite and helpful.  Total A+ work.

    I even avoid buying things from people who won't give me a USPS option, because I've had so much trouble with UPS and FedEx.  I had one package run a cycle between two towns in Mississippi for over a month last Christmas.  And one of those towns is literally a 15 minute drive from here.  But the package would come to that town, stay there a day or two, then go back to a town near Memphis.  It'd stay there a day or two, go back to the neighboring town, then go back to Memphis... over and over and over again.  It did this about 20 times before it finally showed up at my house.  Somewhere at home I still have the tracking printed out because it got to be hilarious.  I started not even being mad that my package wasn't here yet -- I was too amused by watching FedEx's stupidity as it ran it back and forth between the same two towns, like it was the ball in some epic ping-pong match.

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    by Front Toward Enemy on Tue Jul 15, 2014 at 12:54:17 PM PDT

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