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View Diary: Rich Guy plan to break up California heads for ballot (313 comments)

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    DId the faux genius who drew the six states bother to figure out if each of them had the tax revenue to support itself and itself provide to its residents all of the bennies which regular California residents now get from state government? Water, for example. Roads. Schools.

    And would it not make more sense if this is an idea which catches on instead to redraw all the states in the same general way that congressional districts are redrawn, to create areas of approximately equal voting population, rather than to create a whole batch of teeny tiny states with virtually no income but TWO senators and at least one representative each which are not self supporting but collectively can outvote all the states who in fact can pay for themselves. If this one goes through, I can see WA doing the same thing, and a lot of other places with urban rural splits, until the gummint in DC would become entirely unmanageable.

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