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View Diary: Rich Guy plan to break up California heads for ballot (313 comments)

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  •  The Silcon Valley techies have (4+ / 0-)

    have already annexed and invaded San Fransisco as their play ground and dorm so I guess SF would belong to the state of Silicon Valley. They could designate SF the official techie campus and call it Googleland. Hell they already have their cushy transportation to and from work that supersedes the city buses. Actually this trend of libertarian rich guys those binary brained elitists and their accolades,  who think they are so hip have invaded and wrecked a lot of cities globally.

    From a 2013 NYT book review of two Google rich guys Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. The book is called “The New Digital Age”. The review is written by Julian Assange and well worth the read. None of these Silicone Valley 'entrepreneurs' should be deciding what the shape of our society looks like... Talk about your bots...

    (Don't be put off by the author Julian Assange, as even G2Geek liked it and he is no fan of Assange..)

    The Banality of ‘Don’t Be Evil’

     “What Lockheed Martin was to the 20th century,” they tell us, “technology and cybersecurity companies will be to the 21st.” Without even understanding how, they have updated and seamlessly implemented George Orwell’s prophecy. If you want a vision of the future, imagine Washington-backed Google Glasses strapped onto vacant human faces — forever.  

    These rich geeks should stick to what they do best and not be allowed to remake the world in their strange inhuman vision. Hope the forays into politics of these computer rich guys and women (gals?) do not fare well. We have enough anti-humanist elitist pols as it stands.  

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