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View Diary: Hamas proves once again that Palestinian lives are expendable (125 comments)

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    I was speaking analytically of the issues in question.  One of my problems with the blockade (beyond spiral notebooks?!) is the restrictions on cement.  It's one of those gray areas (unlike jam, chocolate, ketchup, and spiral notebooks) as concrete is indeed used to build bunkers and conceal and protect munitions dumps.  But you can't prevent the primary substance for construction of shelter.  Shelter, like food, medicine, water, and electricity, is necessary.

    I also oppose the housing demolitions.  Unequivocally.  They don't deter, which is their only hypothetical moral justification (which I don't buy either) so they are indeed purely punitive.  

    The only part of this post I disagree with is "people who find themselves in a no-win situation and choose to join Hamas as a result."  There are other options.  Options that might open avenues for progress.  The reason  Abu Mazen won 63% of the vote is that he ran on a platform of ending the second intifada and making diplomatic progress.  The reason he's lost credibility has much more to do with failure with regard to the latter than second thoughts with regard to the latter.  (I'm convinced by Gershon Baskin's arguments here, you can check his facebook page for some really incisive and informed posts).  

    There are other options.  There are significant swaths of the Israeli population that want Palestinian partners.  And there is a significant swath that was once persuadable but no longer is, since the second intifada.  Israel has failed miserably when there was opportunity.  And now we're in a situation where a Jerusalem bus driver once told me as we were driving through downtown West J'lem that he "simply simply doesn't have the balls to vote for the left" because on that same street he watched the bus right in front of him blow up during the second intifada.  So there are reasons that Israelis perceive a lack of options as well.  And those who want to create other options are undermined by the cynics who manipulate them.  

    The tragedy here isn't the dearth of people of good will on both sides, it's their presence.

    And by the way, as you were typing your previous comment, I read that the Palestinian Authority just refused blood donations and other medical supplies that Israel has been bringing in.  "Martyrs" are more important to them than medicine.

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