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  •  Actually, (none)
    most people aren't worth their nitrogen.

    Having a large population means that the far end of the bell curve is larger and we can have Einsteins and the like. But at the same time, we have everyone on the left side of the mean. What is their role? Labor? Nah, don't need it any more. Protection of the environemt? Hardly, more like a drain. Cannon fodder? Nope, we got nukes. They just sit there twiddling there thumbs at best, wreaking havoc at worst.

    The "failure of America" can be explained thusly: the Old World was what all societies tend towards: aristocratic despotism. America was a new world where people above the mean could escape to to create a society above the mean. Over time, America has matured an is becoming a normal society again, that is to say a society with a normal distribution of talent requiring an aristocratic despotism to clamp down on the poor ne'er-do-wells.

    Someone mentioned an Atlas Shrugged in reverse... that's exactly what America (or shall I say New England, I'm not too sure about the South) was!

    •  What evidence (none)
      do you have to show that America was a place "where people above the mean could escape to to create a society above the mean?" I'll agree that it was certainly shaped and run by above average folk, but I've never seen anything to indicate to me that the entire society was somehow, on a whole, more intelligent or productive or better by some other standard than the societies of the Old World.

      The other concern that arises with your argument is your time frame. By that I mean, when did America start to revert back to a normal bell curve? I don't know that I really believe we have a greater percentage of ne'er-do-wells or more of an aristocratic government today (especially in New England) than say... the industrial revolution of the 1840's with its mill towns. And if we have gotten stupider and worse off, what caused that? Immigration? Technology? Government action?  Your proposal is intriguing and a little bit appealing but it doesn't seem to hold its own weight.

    •  Are you looking at an (none)
      upside down bell curve because your argument only makes sense if you are.

      "Help us to save free conscience from the paw -- Of hireling wolves whose gospel is their maw." --John Milton

      by ohiolibrarian on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 03:33:19 AM PDT

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