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  •  Ignore my disjointed sentiments (none)
    I really should have read before I posted. My post came off as sounding positive towards a socioeconomic heirarchy and NCLB which propogates this aristocracy.

    Let me be clear: NCLB is bad. It diverts funding from the classroom. It inflates administrative costs. It sucks. It sucks the creativity out of the room. And it destroys John Dewey's educational structure - which is paramount to a productive society.

    I meant to point out that conservitive thought dismisses all indirect forces in the education development. Which is to say, conservitves believe no matter what obsticles are in a person's path (or placed in a person's path) - said person finds a way to rise to their own level. So diverting funds from school and into data-tracking software companies is ok, because if someone is able-bodied enough, they'll find a way to adapt and overcome.

    I think NCLB is counterproductive, shortsighted, narrow sighted and downright malicious towards the educational process. But it is harminous with conservitive values.  

    Holy crap...I'm a liberal! (I had no idea!)

    by NeoconSemanticist on Sun Jul 17, 2005 at 02:33:12 PM PDT

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