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  •  Finding truth in Science Fiction? (1.50)
    What Crap! Your the problem because where do you look for the answers? A science fiction book! I love Sci-Fi books but to use them for explaining the world everyone lives in is a really stupid idea.

    The reason you read science fiction is because it is part of the great escape from the reality of the world you have no choice but to live. The great experiment called America failed in sum total on January 23rd, 2001. Crap it's even documented to the "N"th degree. This reality is considered too far out there. For that We get the cupie pie award called "The Tin Hat".

    See if the book is billed as Sci-Fi there is no problem. But if the book is billed Non-Fiction and confronts the reader with a conflicting reality which requires those critical thinking skills memtioned it is not acceptable hence you win the "Tin Hat" award.

    America has failed! Instead of science fiction why don't you try understanding reality. Visit and follow the truth that you discovered in your Sci-Fi book.

    Of course if you do go there and do your homework and really do figure it out "for yourself" you'll get to join the "Tin Hat on Dkos Club".

    Peace and Have Fun!

    "We drew the line in the sand, and like the fools they are, they stepped into the abyss." HMSJO

    by hmsjo on Sun Jul 17, 2005 at 05:55:49 PM PDT

    •  Do you mean (none)
      January 25, 2001?

      I don't trust anyone who can't find truth in literature, genre or "legit".  

      I'm not getting tin hat off you so much as I'm getting tin ear.

      •  Not a tin ear (none)
        For some reason when this new site went up the direct comments section on the personal homepage will not let Us read or reply to comments so We have to reload the article to post replies. If you know how to fix this let Us know. We take it that by referring to Jan 20th 2001 you are talking about GWB taking the oath of office.

        To clarify things answer these question for Us.

        On December 7th 1999 the Wisconsin Court of Appeals without giving Us any reason stripped Us of Our American Citizenship by stating in no uncertain terms that the Constitution and Laws of The United States of America and Our right to Justice under such.

        So if We are no longer a citizen of the U.S.A. what happens to your citizenship?

        Now assuming your answer is that you would no longer be a citizen either. Then logically it would follow that you on personal level would not be able to file an appeal in federal court since you are no longer a citizen. Right? So you would have to find a third party with the legal standing to file this legal action to have the decision reversed.

        Now what would happen if no one in a position of authority would do their sworn duty to "Protect and Defend the Constitution and Laws of The United State from all enemies both Foreign and Domestic" and a election is for the President is held. If you're no longer a citizen by order of a Court even if you voted, would it count?

        If your vote doesn't count then your voice has been silenced. Now remember one of the most basic principles of a democracy is that "if one voice is silenced then all voice are equally silenced". So given this logic would any vote cast by anyone in that election count? Your vote didn't count since you by court order no longer a citizen.

        So now you become a messenger of the Dissolution of the United States of America. A job We can tell you from experience really sucks. So what would you do. You have all the legal documentation to prove the actions of the Courts and Government and everything you say is true.

        Do you think anyone would believe you? Are you willing to let America go out of business? If there is no legal and legitimate government what happen to the U. S. dollar? Are you willing to take any chances and allow it the government to fail or would you do anything no matter what it would cost to avoid putting America out of business for good?
        Would you rather attempt to do something for the common good even if no one believes you than leave it up to chance?

        We know what We did. No it's not the best the solution. Neither is it a solution that elegant since it is the exercise of Absolute Power in it's purest form. Would We have liked to have been proven wrong? You Bet! But that is not the case ever since We received the legal recognition of The White House.

        The only thing that counts is the facts We can prove. Everything else anybody may think is just an opinion which in a court of law never counts. Believe what you want but remember no matter what you believe it will not change one legal fact.

        Try telling a Judge that your innocent because you believe your innocent and see what happen if you have no facts to back it up.    

        "We drew the line in the sand, and like the fools they are, they stepped into the abyss." HMSJO

        by hmsjo on Sun Jul 17, 2005 at 09:49:21 PM PDT

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    •  Oops, how about January 20, 2001! (none)
      [snerk] Being able to laugh at one's self is a fine quality, especially times like this.

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