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    I think this description of your experience with homeschooling is interesting.  To me, you've described everything public education ought to be yet seldom is.  Why the discrepancy?  It has everything to do with resources--money, people and time.

    To me, it seems obvious that Republicans have wanted "to starve the beast", to use their words (Norquist).  The continuing lack of funds and budget cutbacks for every type of program that would promote curiosity has gutted the ability of public schools to offer high quality education.

    The lack of monetary resources impairs the ability to go museums, hisorical sites, etc.    School systems face cutbacks for things as simple as the bus fleet.  Field trips mean a bus, fuel, a driver.   There has to be enough money to pay for sufficient teachers and staff to supervise students. The students themselves need to have sufficient money to pay fees to get into museums.    These are just a few examples of how governmental neglect ensures an unlevel playing field and an undereducated public.

    Homeschooling requires that someone is home to do the educating.  You therefore need to already be privileged enough to be able to live on one salary.  Two or three homeschooling parents can arrange for field trips for 12 kids.  Doesn't that mean our public schools should also have the resources to offer such individualized attention?

    The denial of those resources is the point.

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    by lizah on Sun Jul 17, 2005 at 10:39:15 PM PDT

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