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View Diary: F-35 Cleared to Fly - With Restrictions (44 comments)

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  •  There is no "good news" regarding this welfare (9+ / 0-)

    program. "Not as bad as expected" only translates to "good news" in DC and among those whose morality allows them to live and profit from the deaths and suffering of millions.

    There is no justification for this platform beyond profit seeking and the most expensive welfare program on earth. There is no other force on earth, real or imagined in the scare factory, that could even dream of surviving 24 hours in an air war with the U.S.

    Even if you swallow a whole bottle of blue pills and imagine that (insert favorite boogy-man here) did decide to commit the world to suicide, they have absolutely no hope of winning against the numbers and force we have right now.

    Now, if you chase those pills down with a giant glass of distilled, 60 year old paranoia, and create an imaginary scenario where the whole world united against the U.S., we'd still win the air war, but it would be a fight.

    When engaging these fantasists, it's important to remember that they don't have any justification for any of their positions, because they are all based on fantasy, and so you have to stop the argument right at the premise.

    Do that and they have nothing (but be careful, many of them are prone to violence).

    "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

    by Greyhound on Tue Jul 15, 2014 at 06:18:29 PM PDT

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