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  •  When 90% of the state of Michigan was (30+ / 0-)

    literally clear cut by the 1900 and the bottom dropped out on the lumber market and most lumber barons left the state , lumber barons like Charles Hackley worked to save the city of Muskegon by transforming it to a manufacturing center............but wanted the 1900s working class issues like prostitution and gambling to be elseswhere, so established out of whole cloth a nearby city called Muskegon Heights for manufacturing.   That worked out very well and Muskegon Heights was a thriving and safe area until the industrial driving through Muskegon Heights there's an 80% boarded up down town and a failing school system which the State of Michigan tried to in the WHOLE school a private contractor, which of course failed and the contractor left with millions of dollars from the school system and as a failure.

    •  This makes me so sad. (18+ / 0-)

      I really love Michigan. There is something about it that grabbed me even before I lived there, when I first visited my brother at college in Auburn. While living there I travelled extensively, mostly in rural places. I fell in love with Traverse City in November, blue water and black squirrels and gorgeous old homes in town. Used to do workshops at Interlochen. Picked morels in Cadillac after the fires. The Dunes. UP.

      I don't really know enough about what makes Michigan so fucked up to really speak to it, but it made me sad in the 90's and it makes me sadder now to watch what Republicans have done in the last 10 years. One thing I did notice right from the start, though, is the state has it's fair share of extreme crazy, and guns is a big part of that. Racism, too. I'm white and my wife is black and we encountered a bit of that to say the least.

      In fact, I'm originally from Massachusetts and the two things that have always struck me as deeply similar about the two states are the woods and the cultural bigotry.

      •  I was born (3+ / 0-)
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        carrps, bastrop, WakeUpNeo

        Yooper - raised in OH and IN then went back to MI in the late '70's for HS and College in Big Rapids.  The Remus area - between Big Rapids and Mt. Pleasant - has a very large survivalist group. Terry Nichols - from the OKC Bombing supposedly had ties there. Outside of the Detroit Area and Benton Harbor - the non-white /non-Native American population is pretty small.  Miners in the UP were segregated NOT by color but by ethnic/country of origin affiliation - Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish.  Finns were disliked because of their socialist leanings.. Look at the Copper Mine strikes in the early 1900's in Calumet and Laurium.  Each group had a reason why they didn't like the other.. language, religion (Catholic Italians - Lutheran Swedes, Finns, Norwegians) what have you..
        Native Americans are not respected - but now that they own Casinos - they are getting the $$ back one quarter at a time in the slot machines.

        That might be some of the reason that Michigan tends to be so screwed up. I love it there, especially the Copper Country and the Marquette Area or Grand Haven outside of Grand Rapids... wish I could spend the summers there because NC is so hot.. But lately  - with their screwed up priorities, idiot Gov. and the State Legislature that would sell the Mackinac Bridge if they could get away with it.. I wouldn't want to live there.


        Why do Republicans Hate Americans?

        by Caniac41 on Wed Jul 16, 2014 at 11:46:52 AM PDT

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