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View Diary: IAN: July 16, 2014: "What's the Matter with Baseball?" (41 comments)

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    a series of discussions about it. It is apparently not banned, just has not happened yet.
    I thought this was an interesting point:

    To produce 500 major league baseball players, it takes a million or more Little Leaguers playing, with a smaller population then moving on to high school baseball, and a still smaller group moving to college, while a parallel group goes into the minors, with a tiny group finally making it to the top. That's natural selection in a nutshell. Only the strongest players survive. Girls, though, often stop playing baseball at the Little League level. They can and do participate there regularly, but will often get into softball at a young age. Rarely do you see a girl playing high school baseball, much less college. Without more bodies in the system, the odds drop precipitously.

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