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  •  I've a somewhat different take on this subject. (8+ / 0-)

    Since the mathematical probability of this being the only world in the entire universe inhabited by sentient beings is almost immeasurably small, one could posit the following question, given the following facts:

    1. Our solar system is operating around a somewhat common, comparatively small star on the outer edge of an extremely large, dense galaxy - one galaxy out of untold trillions;

    2. You can't have more than 3 people in the same room longer than a day without them finding something to violently argue about, be it religion, politics, race, hair color or preferred brand of smart phone;

    3. Humans are the only animal on this planet that don't kill strictly for food and life-threatening survival - they kill for spite, rage, sport, political and religious dogma and, yes, even fun.

    If intelligent beings from other worlds have visited us, why have they kept such a low profile?

    My opinion is that this planet is a penal colony established by the other inhabitants of this particular galaxy to dump the criminally insane elements of their collective genetic pools. Since they can't bring themselves to kill sentient life, they've created this place as a sort of self-sustaining isolation facility, and they come back occasionally to check on the condition of the place without any fanfare or formal contact.

    As with any similar system, there are those who become incarcerated that in fact have committed no crime, but nobody is pretending that perfection exists anywhere in the universe except in the expectations in the mind of the zealot.

    Another simpler way of putting it: every civilization needs somewhere to dump the garbage.

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