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  •  The Abortion Issue (3+ / 0-)

    That won't go away........
    The conservatives afford rights to fetus's, but refuse to take care of them once they become a viable human being.

    They want all abortion banned (even when for medical reasons and to the detriment of the mothers' health) as the fetus has more rights than the woman carrying it.

    They fail to grasp that despite assigning their high morals on the rest of us, that sex will still happen, women will still get pregnant (especially if they can restrict more birth control), and back street abortionists will ply their trade.  Unfortunately, this will be mostly to the poor as wealthier women can fly to other countries for their procedures.

    It speaks to how highly they value women when they continue to strip our rights away.  The irony here is that corporations can morally object to provision of contraception, but are comfortable providing coverage for Viagra et al is A-OK.

    Nothing more important than a man being able to exercise his sexual prowess even after Mother Nature dictates otherwise.  Cause of some of the problems?  

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