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View Diary: ACA Signups: In which I make my first major QHP enrollment projection error. (7 comments)

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    without prior performance as a guideline is a risky business.   It really doesn't matter if you were wrong, because we learned something really important. COBRA despite its high costs and despite all the times people complain about it, was a really important lifeline for people who needed insurance, and people who had COBRA really like to be insured so they bought QHP policies.  

    Mostly,  it means that once people get used to having insurance, it becomes an important priority for them.  In one sense that bodes well for keeping some form of insurance program at the national level.   And if the Supreme Court were to gut the ability of millions to afford their insurance,  there would probably be the needed momentum to force political action again.     I could wish there was more time before any further actions that might impair access to solidify people's acceptance of Obamacare, but I still think it is good news that 'need insurance'  is a strong factor in many people's minds.

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