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View Diary: Who Is Truly Oppressing The People Of Gaza? (65 comments)

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  •  wow, a lot of anti Israel folks came out to play (0+ / 0-)

    I seemed to have poked a stick right into the anti Israel/pro Hamas wasps nest.  It is obviously necessary to respond.
    First however, my assertion that the Israeli settlers left everything intact as they exited Gaza has been questioned by friend and foe alike.  I therefore defer to all of you and eliminate that from the equation. But that doesn't eliminate your responsibility to respond to issues you have just seemed to ignore as you blasted me with defensive excuses.
    1) Why does Hamas maintain thousands in the refugee camps that are nothing more than incubators of hatred?
    2) Why does Hamas refuse to change the words in its Charter that call of the total distraction of the Jewish State?
    3)Why does Hamas continue to teach hatred of Israel and the Jews in its schools?
    4)Why does Hamas utilize all of its resources to build weapons as the people of Gaza live in poverty?
    5)Why does Hamas continue to fire rockets indiscriminately  and without provocation into civilian populations of Israel?
    6) Why does Hamas continue to instruct the civilian population of Gaza to ignore Israeli warnings and stay in locations that are going to be bombed?
    7)Why does Hamas continue to place its rocket launchers and artillery in schools, residential areas, hospitals and mosques, showing a total disregard for human life?
    8)Why does Hamas celebrate acts of terror, such as the kidnapping and murder of 3 innocent Israeli teenagers?
    9)Why do those who support Hamas become their apologists, rather than their advocates?
    10)Why has Hamas failed so terribly in the task of governance, while concentrating so heavily on the art of terror?
    Stop buzzing and start answering the real questions.

    •  OK, I will try to answer (2+ / 0-)
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      stargaze, cybrestrike

      my understanding of these questions, unless are rhetorical, after to correct or update your diary to correct the mis statement of Israel leaving the settler infrastructure intact after withdrawl.  And if you provide credible links that support your claims and characterizations.  Truthy ones, preferably.

      Here's one answer to #3.   The US State Department funded a study of the new textbooks used by Hamas, conducted by two scholars of education using rigorous subjective methods.  Reported by Isabel Kershner in the NY Times if February.

      Academic Study Weakens Israeli Claim That Palestinian School Texts Teach Hate

      JERUSALEM — An academic study of the contents of Israeli and Palestinian Authority textbooks, to be published Monday, finds that each side generally presents the other as the enemy, but it undermines recent assertions by the Israeli government that Palestinian children are educated “to hate.”
      It found that extreme examples of dehumanization and demonization were “very rare” on both sides. The few examples given included one from an ultra-Orthodox textbook describing an Israeli settlement established on the ruins of an Arab village that “had always been a nest of murderers.” A Palestinian language textbook included a reference to “the slaughterhouse,” explaining it as the nickname prisoners had given to an interrogation center “due to the brutality of the interrogators.”
      NYTIMES Academic Study Weakens Israeli Claim That Palestinian School Texts Teach Hate

      Yes, the texbooks on both sides do not treat each other with love and respect, but it would be surprising in a conflict zone, wouldn't it?

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