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View Diary: Who Is Truly Oppressing The People Of Gaza? (65 comments)

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  •  Here you go..fresh from their press. (0+ / 0-)
    In Gaza, those who kidnapped and ultimately  murdered the three Israeli teenagers were held up as heroes and lauded for their achievement.

    Lots more on their Arabic language media, which the West ignores. Note these are official government channels, rather than a few radical civilians on the Israeli side.

    As for the spectators of Sderot? As residents of a city that has been terrorized for YEARS by Hamas, yes, they might want to look at Israel finally dealing with the situation. I'd note that the killing of that Palestinian child as viewed as inexcusable by almost ALL OF Israeli society. Numerous Israelis called on the child's mother to pay their respects, the perpetrators were tracked down and arrested, and will face murder charges. The Hamas kidnappers? Local heroes being hidden by the general population.

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