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View Diary: 295 aboard downed Malaysia Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine near border with Russia (330 comments)

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  •  as I said in the other diary (11+ / 0-)

    there are 3 possibilities Ukraine, Russia, Russian Separatists (Russian-supported).

    Ukraine has no history of downing planes in this conflict, and has no reason to down planes in this conflict. Why? Because Russian separatists have no planes. So logically it would make no sense.

    Russian government has no reason to down planes in this conflict from their own territory, although that is technically possible - it is unlikely.

    Russian separatists have downed multiple Ukrainian military and cargo planes. They have bragged to have the Buk missiles that can accomplish this feat. Few days ago they had downed a Ukrainian cargo plane that was flying at a high altitude, presumably with Buk missile technology. Russian military newspaper published reports a while ago about the separatists having this technology. And like everyone has been saying, apparently the Separatists have claimed to have shot down Ukrainian plane earlier today.

    So it is very possible that the separatists are responsible. Of course if they are, they did it by mistake thinking it was Ukrainian plane. And that fact of course would not absolve them of anything.

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