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  •  I had read somewhere (14+ / 0-)

    along the way about Agloe and the reason it "existed." However, I had never heard of the Rand McNally plagiarism piece of it. Sort of the early mapmakers version of Rand Paul, isn't it.

    I love maps too Chris. Always have. I learned to read them pretty young. There is a lot of information on a good map if you care to find it. The map legends were great tools for finding things before the 'puter came along.

    We had a discussion before taking our drive through France last fall if we were going to use our phones to navigate. We decided to forgo the phone in favor of a highly detailed Michelin road map. I read the map and Brian drove. I believe we got more out of the experience as a result. We were able to get off the beaten track, taking very small country roads without having to scroll across a tiny little screen or rely on a sometimes not so reliable GPS.

    My tip for maps...learn how to fold them correctly. Once you get the hang of it, they practically fold themselves.

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