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  •  The right has a terrible problem. Belief in God... (4+ / 0-)
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    The right has a terrible problem. Belief in God reinforces hierarchies, and belief that there is one right answer, if it doesn't work for you the solution is to change yourself to obtain the promised benefits. God is not going to change the rules of the universe to accommodate your new idea of appropriate lifestyles. Ford does not care if you think it would be better to run cars on sugar, they use gas or they stay parked.

    This makes them receptive to ideas that blame peoples' personal choices for society's problems. The "operating manual" worked 100 years ago and God hasn't changed. The equipment must need a tune-up.

    Given those assumptions, you can show that the leaders were "false prophets". Trickle down promised rising wages, wages held steady since the 70's. We tried what they said, we made the necessary sacrifices. Buisiness profits increased, productivity increased, but nobody got a raise and jobs went overseas.

    Since they were wrong, let's go back to where we were before trickling started. Stronger unions demanded their share of profits, and businesses were taxed to provide for workers that weree educated, well fed and healthy. Social services helped care for the unemployed, the old and the disabled, while welfare gave the unsuccessful a second chance at learning how to take care of themselves while making sure their children were able to eat and go to school. You don't have to admire the poor to see that assisting them is cheaper and more likely to change them than jailing them and paying someone else to raise their children. In fact, with better schooling and extra support for school-age children you can reduce the level of useless people.

    Since God made so many of them there must be a way to arrange society to allow them the maximum amount of success. Look at the changes in caring for low I.Q. children. Mainstreaming instead of institutional care, a bit more for special-ed in the schools, Supervised independent living in adulthood. If we were able to improve the lives of people with Downs syndrome, why couldn't we do even better with teenage girls raising toddlers? There is more potential for success with them. Even better to intervene at 8 or 9, when they are young enough to still respond to authority and too young to get pregnant.

    Pointing out that you can see how some publica

    •  Sorry for break, typing on phone. Saying that y... (3+ / 0-)
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      Sorry for break, typing on phone.

      Saying that you can see how some Republican dream would be nice if it worked, but that we have no power to get business to keep their side of the bargaim. It works because it doesn't argue against the perfection of an idea, but introduces the existence of sin and deception in the corporate world. Obviously they need to repent and make restitution. The government needs to restrict their ability to harm people in exchange for letting them stay in the group. Discipline, then shunning until repentance, then forgiveness and restoration of fellowship. Maybe the bankers made mistakes, maybe they commited crimes, either way churches know how to address the problem. Sin is sin, even if you were unaware of the impact the sin was having on others. Hate the sin, love the sinner means regulate banks, punish the guilty based on intention and hold no grudges after a true repentance, honest confession and full restitution, taking full responsibility for the care of those you harmed.

      Most church-goers agree that stolen or swindled money be retuned to the victim, that to steal and just say "My bad, won't do it again" is not enough, and to sin the same way after being given a second chance is horrible.

      They don't have to change their beliefs, they have to apply them more broadly. Let them run point on ferreting out sin and encouraging repentance. They're Javier's at heart. Love is paying attention to all sin, even minor ones because even small sins can start you down the wrong path.

      Most of all acknowledge the honest sincerity of their beliefs. Cheating the poor and stupid is evil, telling someone no is not hatred, holding someone to an ideal is better than saying "sure it was wrong but others were worse, so my conduct doesn't matter".

      They really can be helpful when they aren't accused of being superstitious idiots who believe nonsense. My son converted to a "people and dinosaurs at the same time" religion, and he has an I.Q. of 145 and was exposed to progressive values and science his entire life. He was troubled by a complicated society, and unhappy about people not acknowledging new information when presented with the truth. So he climbed back into the play pen, where friends are supervised by authority, and he is kept safe. A lot of conservatives are pulling in the boundaries as if they have an anxiety disorder, and this way is better than washing your hands a dozen times a day.

    •  So (0+ / 0-)

      what does cause societies problems if not personal choices?  

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