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View Diary: What is this Boycott of Arizona of Which you Speak? (107 comments)

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  •  A majority of Arizonans behavior? (24+ / 0-)

    Of the nine US House Representatives, Arizona elected 5 Democrats. Both our Senators are Republicans, but we gave Flake a good run for his money.

    When some people showed up in Oracle Arizona to protest refugee children coming there, they were met with a group of people holding welcome signs. The sheriff refused to allow the anti group of protestors to block the buses. Can the same be said, on either of these fronts, for the protest which blocked the buses in California?

    Sheriff Arpaio was reelected with with a 1.4 percent margin of victory, a mere 18,666 votes. That's a lot of people voting against him.

    Phoenix itself, which is where the convention will be held, cannot control all of Arizona. And we've done some pretty great things in Phoenix, quoting Mother Mags' diary last night:

    I'd wager few know this place has one of the most successful "buy local" programs in the country. The largest city park in the world. An award-winning recycling program and sustainability initiative. While other places are losing large independent bookstores, they're building here. And of course the voters in conservative Mesa recalled the peckerhead who authored SB 1070, and did not elect him when he ran again.
    So I think painting all or a majority of the people of Phoenix or even the people of Arizona as being supportive of some of the odious actions of the Arizona Legislature is not quite accurate.

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