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View Diary: A state-by-state look at lieutenant gubernatorial elections in 2014 (82 comments)

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  •  Yep. You're right. And the Ltl Gov. is potentially (3+ / 0-)
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    an important office:


    The state Constitution addresses the office of the governor in Article IV, the Executive Department.

    Under Article IV, Section 4:

    A Lieutenant Governor shall be chosen jointly with the Governor by the casting by each voter of a single vote applicable to both offices, for the same term, and subject to the same provisions as the Governor...


    The lieutenant governor presides in the Pennsylvania State Senate and is first in the line of succession to the governor; in the event the governor dies, resigns, or otherwise leaves office, the lieutenant governor becomes governor.

    He or she also has such responsibilities and duties as the Governor may assign.

    Meaning, if the state senate is divided (currently R27-D23) lt. gov. casts the deciding vote (like Biden might in 2015-206). Makes you wonder why Pa. didn't select 49 or 51 a the state senate #.

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