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  •  And nothing says stereotype... (2+ / 0-)
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    miango113, chmood jasan's post.

    •  No--it's not if he's RIGHT (0+ / 0-)

      Nope---sorry---you will almost NEVER see a Black man on a Harley for one thing.

      I dunno exactly why---it's not like I am gonna walk up to some guy on a Gold Wing and ask!!!--but I do ride a lot and attend rallies (altho not to Sturgis yet)  and it is an odd observation that--Black guys DON'T tend to ride Hardleys.    Not even the Buffalo Soldiers.

      I don't ride a Hardley either (gee how'd ya know???)  but I do look to see who DOES.

      And by and large it is late 30's and UP--way UP---white guys who are wearing hate filled messages on their vests or helmets who DO ride Hardleys.

      Younger bikers ride the "rocket" type bikes---for one thing no major maker here or in Germany or Japan make a small to mid size "beginner" bike anymore---and in fact this is one reason they get killed so often.

      And the older guys----esp the ones who did NOT ride when younger---are pretty much on one side of the Hardley divide or the other.

      There are the ones who THINK that Harley is "Made in America"---and that it is a badge of honor--but in reality they are mostly PARTS made in CHINA etc and perhaps partly ASSEMBLED in America.  And ALL of their accessories--boots;  jackets;  vests;  T-shirts; etc etc etc--are  MADE IN CHINA or other countries NOT the USA.  And yes I have checked this out.  They also COST twice as much--or MORE--than a bike from elsewhere--even the new Indian brand--- made here!!!--- and that ain't a cheap bike!

      Another helmet sticker or vest patch:::

      $15000 and 15 miles do NOT make you a biker

      My bike--a Honda Valkyrie--WAS made right here in the good old US of A--in Marysville OHIO.  It is for various reasons one of the FEW bikes "respected" by the Harley guys and one of the FEW "crossover" bikes that will be found in the same garage as a Hardley.

      On the other side of the Great Bike Divide are the guys who have ridden forever--and they tend to ride the bigger cruiser and "bagger" bikes like the Honda Gold Wing and Yamaha and Victory and BMW--altho THOSE guys are a whole 'nother story----and presumably because they DO have thousands upon thousands of miles under their seat they KNOW what they are doing and are not blindly led by that whole "Made in the USA" crapola.

      But yeah--if it's TRUE it's NOT a stereotype.    Start looking at the bikers you see and notice what the guy or girl is riding.  And how FEW Black guys or girls are riding a Hardley.  

    •  Not if he's RIGHT (0+ / 0-)

      You will rarely see a Black guy riding a Harley.

      Maybe too many hate filled white guys riding one---I don't know.

      But--it's NOT a stereotype if it's TRUE.  

      I ride a lot and attend rallies and I see a LOT of bikers--and few Black ones on Hardleys.  

      I ride a Honda Valkyrie that was actually MADE IN THE USA--right here in Marysville OHIO.

      Now most Hardleys are possibly ASSEMBLED in Milwaukee---but the PARTS come from China and other places.  And ALL of the accessories and boots and T shirts and helmets and etc etc etc---and this stuff is ENDLESS--is MADE IN CHINA.

      The guys who ride Hardleys tend to be older white guys with many hate filled patches and stickers--not ness "Biker gang"  stuff--just plain old HATE.  I guess they can afford these VERY expensive bikes--which can cost TWICE what a better made and reliable machine costs.  And the expenses just go ON and ON--they BRAG about how often these things are in the shop.

      The REST of us are people who have thousands and thousands of miles under our seats and know that a "Long ride"  for a Hardley guy is 50 miles---then they are rattled to their bones and have to take a nap.  

      The guys who buy the Hondas and the Indians--made right here in the USA!!!!--and the Yamahas and Kawasakis---we can ride all damn day.  We don't brag about our bikes "Marking their territory" with engine oil.  

      So-=--some of this might explain why Black guys generally do not ride Harleys.  Maybe they don't WANT to support a hate filled community.

    •  Dude, I live here! I happen to believe (0+ / 0-)

      what my eyes and ears tell me.  I am not only observant, I am pretty good at character, and from what I have seen in the last 30 years, has been nothing short of fakes, just like Ted who think they are the king of the road with their loud obnoxious machines.  We appreciate them here though as they leave a lot of body parts during the rally.  

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