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  •  Megajeers to the pebble mine and all who ... (10+ / 0-)

    would profit by it.  Make jobs, huh? What about the jobs taken away from the local fisherman?  Why are some jobs more important than others? What about the damage to the environment that would not be repairable in anybody's lifetime? What about destroying one of the last remaining stable fisheries? What about again shafting the First Nations for the glimmer of gold?  Remember the Black Hills?

    A number of years ago our family got to visit an exhibit of the treasure from the Atocha circa the 1700s.  They allowed us to touch and try to heft a heavily chop marked bar of solid gold from the wreck. I was astonished (and impressed) at how little that chunk of metal excited the kids! I guess we must have raised them right! You simply can't eat gold and even gold can't restore what is lost. The fishery of Bristol Bay is vastly more valuable than all the precious metal they could recover.

    As you can see I have very strong feelings on this subject. Yes, right-wingers, liberals are not as wimpy as you seem to think and we do have strong moral values for which we are willing to stand up.  

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