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View Diary: Now they've gone too far. Time for Harry Reid to blow up the filibuster and confirm all nominees now (166 comments)

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  •  Exactly. Ds regularly give Rs what they want (5+ / 0-)

    ... when it comes to judicial nominations ... in order to be "the adults" who are "fair" and "bipartisan."  

    That leads to Rs nominating the most extreme judges they can find -- which has led to the current Supreme Court travesty -- and stacking the courts.

    When Ds expect the same treatment when they're in power, they are stabbed in the back and obstructed as much as possible.  That leads to, as now, a crisis in the judiciary, with many, many unfilled seats -- because Rs want them to remain unfilled ... until they are in power again, that is, and can stack them again.

    This dynamic also leads to Ds compromising yet again by nominating "moderate" or center-right nominees, in the hopes that will make them palatable to Rs, in order to get something passed.

    As usual, when Republicans are not in power Democrats are still expected to "compromise" with them.  "Compromise" means "Do what we want."  

    When Republicans are in power, that also means "We get to do what we want ... and screw you."

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