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View Diary: Respected Marquette Law School poll has Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in potential electoral peril (51 comments)

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    I have never crunched the numbers but I've always figured that WI beat MN when it came to Obama margin in 2008 because while in both states the rural counties swung towards the left, WI's population is more rural based, hence beating us in margin.  And Ron Kind's district is a perfect example of the rural areas not being so GOP friendly in particular areas of the Upper Midwest.  Although, his district is a hodgepodge of rural areas along the Mississipp where Democrats do well, paired with all the college towns the district can reach without going over population.  So sometimes I wonder if it's a stretch to call his district, along with MN-8, the Iron Range district, "rural".  They're giant districts and are definitely outliers when compared to other large-area districts in the country, but are they really rural as much of the population is in incorporated cities?

    But again, agree.  The rural areas in MN, and WI are a rarity.  And I haven't looked at IA as much as I'd like to but they should probably be included as well.  Also to note is that the blue areas that create rural Democrats are mostly confined to the areas closest to the Mississippi river.  I wish I had saved this amazing study showing proximity to rivers made the area more likely to Democratic due to population density, labor tied to shipping along the river and also the network of railroads being created to offer better shipping methods.

    (So hard to type Democrats instead of the DFL when discussing local politics.)

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