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View Diary: Dr. Sheik Umar Khan, Sierra Leone's top Ebola doctor, contracts virus after treating 100 patients (53 comments)

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  •  It seems to me that the economic arguments (7+ / 0-)

    do matter a good deal, but the way to shore up the economy is to deal with the outbreak, not to pretend it isn't happening.  

    Konteh's press conference remarks seem stunningly counterproductive on that front -- how are poor people supposed to take seriously the warnings not to hunt in their usual way, leading to hunger and possibly malnutrition for themselves and their families, if the outbreak isn't even serious enough to merit rich(er) people canceling a vacation?

    Isn't most of Sierra Leone impacted with Ebola?  What is the press supposed to say?  "Ebola is in our capital, but chances of you contracting it are relatively low, and even if you do, you may not know for three weeks?"  How is that reassuring?

    Frankly, I'm surprised there were still thirty-two thousand visitors.  And I'm no tourism expert, but I'm pretty sure, "American Tourist Dies After Sloughing His Gut in Sierra Leone" or "European Tourist Brings Ebola Back From Sierra Leone" would also not be in the interest of Sierra Leone's tourism industry.

    The worst part of that story may be that it sounds like Konteh expects this Ebola outbreak, rather than ending, to continue indefinitely.  Otherwise, he'd be talking about how they had to accept the hit to Sierra Leone's tourism sector in the short term, until the outbreak was under control, and urging more funding to make that happen.  (And yes, his country is poor.  Perhaps he could have appealed to the countries that send tourists to Sierra Leone for help.)

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    by cai on Wed Jul 23, 2014 at 03:14:27 PM PDT

    •  All excellent point cai. I probably should have (4+ / 0-)
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      cai, Betty Pinson, jbsoul, Smoh

      controlled myself with that tangent, as I often work as a strategic adviser and coach for people like Konteh, and know well the challenges of positions like that. Now I feel bad, if he should want to call someone like me for assistance, I may have discouraged him, which wasn't my intent. See I made essentially the same mistake he did, while trying to improve one variable, (lighten up a dreadful dark post) messed up others I wasn't paying attention to.  

      He probably means well but just doesn't completely comprehend the bigger picture. This is just one example of how poorly prepared to handle something like this is the government, health institutions, economy etc.

      I believe Guinea made the same error and tried to cover-up he extent of the outbreak in April and May. So we had all sorts of reports of no new cases and were lead to believe it had been contained, only then to have a 67% in cases in one area in one week - obviously cases not reported before which could no longer be hidden.

      I think that's still going on. In the first month, Guinea cut its total accumulated death report in half on week saying previous reports had been errors and hadn't really occurred or were double counted.

      It's plausible that many cases were double counted but when the reports cut cases from all areas by exactly half, it is a "little bit suspicious."

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      by HoundDog on Wed Jul 23, 2014 at 03:36:07 PM PDT

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    •  Our UMC Team scheduled to go to Sierra Lenone in (3+ / 0-)
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      kurious, cai, ER Doc

      January is on hold. We have enough books and teacher trainers to hold the planned teacher training seminar near Najala University, but the denomination had a stop order on all missions teams to Sierra Leone until epidemic is better under control

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