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View Diary: The Gaza Conflict: A Suggestion of Semantics (16 comments)

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  •  Excellent post. (15+ / 0-)

    I would add that neither Palestinian nor Israeli are inherently evil.  Hatred of either people is a moral wrong.  Individuals may do evil, but peoples do not.  

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    by TomP on Thu Jul 24, 2014 at 11:51:00 AM PDT

    •  I firmly believe that each tribe would (4+ / 0-)

      act almost exactly the same way as the other, if their situations were reversed. People are people and they act in what they perceive as their self interest. It was a combination of western powers that set the table for the current untenable situation at the end of World War Two. It really isn't the fault of either party - the current situation seems like it was inevitable.

      •  I disagree with you, it's not a both sides thing (2+ / 0-)
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        Jerseygirltoo, jqb

        "Both sides do it, or would do it if they can" seems like a way to see the humanity of each of the combatants.
        In this case it fogs things up, it makes them less clear. You see a wrong, and you look for a similar wrong on the other side. But that doesn't work here, that only works in a setting where both sides are in similar circumstances.
        A better way to look at this conflict is to set aside the religious differences and the history, and look at the conflict as it is now happening, today.
        Today a first world government army had their tank shell a hospital operating room during surgery. They also "took out" the E.R. and the reception area. This is a state act, a group decision, that killing doctors and destroying hospitals is o.k. IF you believe their are rockets "nearby". Nearby, not inside.
        The world holds Israel in a special place, because of the history of suffering of the Jewish people. It's a wonderful ideal, after hundreds of years for this group to again be in their ancient homeland. Everyone knows Israel is "tough". They don't mess around. They have to defend themselves. But the ship on the beach targeted those kids while they ran. The tank knew where the operating room was when it fired. The government knew that Israeli young man had forced the Palestinian teen to swallow gasoline and then lit him on fire while he was alive. That young man was released to his parents. These acts have no "and the other side did this" to compare to. If this was happening in any other country the world would be horrified. Yet so many can't get past their compassion for Israel's history to see what is really going on.
        Without truth there can be no justice. There are individual terrorists in both Gaza and Israel. There is a terrorist government in Israel. They have a modern army, we supply 50% of their defense budget, and they are shelling hospitals during surgery. We are shelling hospitals during surgery.
        Hamas is verbally evil and murderously incompetent. Israel is verbally civilized, but their official acts are very effective war crimes.

        •  I am not implying that there is moral (0+ / 0-)

          symmetry. The "side" with the most power, in this case Israel, is the one in charge and bears the majority of the culpability.

          It is similar to manifest destiny and the theft of Native american lands. Sure, many on both sides engaged in unspeakable violence, but hopefully we agree on which side had the moral high ground.

          •  As a mother, I react to "but he hit me first" (0+ / 0-)

            Right now the most important thing is to get Israel to stop. The quicker that is understood by all the more likely Israel is to stop. Each allowance made for them, each piece of the past brought forward only justifies this completely evil and senseless conduct. They are now killing protesters, U.N. personal, ambulance drivers and doctors in operating rooms. There is no action by others, in the near or far past that can justify this. Once the world begins to speak clearly without making allowances for the past Israel may begin to pull back. If they don't BDS and sanctions may work, but they will be condemned for these specific evil deeds for years, and many innocent people along with them. Americans abroad took up the habit of saying they were Canadian, that option will not available here.

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