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View Diary: German politicians question whether Russia should be allowed to host 2018 World Cup (93 comments)

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    You won't be able to drag Me onto a Russian bound plane now, or in 2018.  So if I go the Cup it's going to have to be someplace besides Russia.  They showed their KGB mentality at the Olympics by spying on visitors and athletes. Who wants to go to Moscow and have cameras watching you in your hotel room shower, that is unless you're Really twisted?

    The shooting down of a civilian airliner shows that Putin is still the same KGB asshole he's always been.  He's a megalomaniac with world domination on the brain.  Somebody needs to shoot down the next airplane He gets on.

    Until then the World Cup organizers needs to let Russia know now that their inability to act like responsible members of the human race makes it impossible for them to host the 2018 Cup.  And, then award the next games to whichever country came in second in the balloting, or let all countries re-apply if they so choose.  Except Russia.

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