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View Diary: Western Dems embrace Dean (318 comments)

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  •  It's obvious that you're frustrated (none)
    (and it also sounds like a bit unappreciated and let down), but Howard Dean is not personally handling your money.  I would recommned sending a letter to get your concerns resolved instead of posting to a blog.  
    •  What the fuck? (none)
      Of course I  realized I just shot myself in the foot.  Who fucking cares?  Not me.

      We had to win that last election!  Why on Earth do I do any of this?  So I can read how no Democratic Congressperson will support Howard?

      Where is the agenda and plan to take back the House?  Nowhere.  Where are jobs, health care, day care, and retirement security in the Democratic agenda?  Nowhere.

      Where are the Democrats in power?  What a fucking surprise, absoulutely nowhere.

      [spits]  How may hours of brutal labor did I put in, Jesus how much cash did I just piss away, all to get ignored?  What a fucking idiot I am.

      Three and half years of more felons wrecking the country, assuming we have a country. Well, I tried.  I tried all that I could and I am just done.  Finally done.  I may write some more for Steve Soto but the rest of those fucking John Kerry Can't Beat GEORGE BUSH! democrats can go fuck themselves.  Let Dianne Fenstein and Joe Lieberman be their heroes, fucking losers.

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