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  •  And the republican answer (4.00)
    to any problem is to outsource it, and let the corporation take a profit off of your problem.  And low and behold, as Bush as privitized this war, the corporations are profiting, and the soldiers are not getting fed properly, nor armed properly, nor anything else as far as I can see.

    The answer is in the middle of course.  As it always is.  We cannot throw money at a problem without a plan, and we cannot give the problem to the corporations to handle, because they will make their profit at our expense.

    The middle is where Dean exists.

    •  BUT (none)

       Whether it's gov't jobs or the war time and time again it has shown that outsourcing cost the taxpayers more, because the private corporations have to pay the stockholders, the CEO and the lobbyists. With public employees the money goes to the people who administer the program and to the users of the programs. No middle men.

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