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  •  Taxes. (4.00)
    That's what it's all about to them: taxes.

    "Don't call yourself religious, not with that blood on your hands"--Little Steven Van Zandt

    by ChurchofBruce on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 08:43:00 AM PDT

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      At least among the more vocal right-wing libertarians, adherence to general libertarian principles seems to trump everything else.  As a result, they have real trouble seeing shades of moral gray.  Namely:

      1. A 0.01% tax on activity X to fund highly popular and beneficial program Y violates libertarian principles.
      2. Rounding up lots of American citizens and putting them in concentration camps violates libertarian principles.
      3. Therefore, the tax is just as bad as the concentration camps.  

      In a slightly more extreme version, merely considering such a tax is just as bad as considering concentration camps.  

      Of the "better government through no (or at least really tiny) government" advocates, I actually find it easier to understand outright anarchists than most right-wing libertarians.  At least the anarchists usually want to create some sort of voluntary communities in place of government programs, often a true community rather than some faceless big corporation, whereas the right-wing libertarians don't seem to care what happens to everyone else.

      The good news:  the 2004 elections showed that a number of libertarian-leaning voters are realizing that being slightly poorer as a result of government activities (in their view at least) is enormously less obnoxious than being jailed or injured as a result of them, even if both possibilities violate their core principles.  As a result, I know a number of libertarian-leaning swing voters went for Kerry even if they felt his policies weren't ideal by their standards.  

      Environmentalist dinosaurs worried about the new iridium-enriched reactors. "If they blow," they said, "only the cockroaches and the mammals will survive..."

      by ColoRambler on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 10:01:45 AM PDT

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