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    Had a bit of a controversy when the Schweitzer/Baucus endorsed candidate for state party chair Dennis McDonald said two weeks ago that "he wouldn't want to get his picture taken" with Howard Dean because of harsh comments Dean has made about republicans. Last week before the state democratic convention, McDonald reversed his statement and said that he would be glad to appear with Dean. Which is good because I have half a dozen pictures of him with our chairman Dean from Saturday's dinner

    Dennis McDonald was elected as the new state party chair last Saturday morning, replacing Bob Ream, who is retiring after doing an outstanding job for the last eight years. McDonald took two ballots to gain a majority of delegate votes, besting Tracy Velazquez from Bozeman (former congressional candidate), labor leader Gene Fenderson from Helena, and Ron Talbot from Missoula. In a surprizing move, MT dems rejected McDonald's running mate for vice chair, and voted in Tracy Velazquez in her place.

    Governor Schweitzer and Senator Baucus pushed McDonald as chair, citing his success at building a progressive rancher's organization and his ability to organize in rural Montana. Opponents cited McDonald's lack of experience with the democratic party in Montana, and Fenderson tweaked McDonald by distributing a photo showing Fenderson with Al Franken under the headline "I will appear with anyone that agrees with democratic values".

    In my opinion, McDonald should be a good state party chair as long as he realizes that ranchers are not the only demographic that need to be appealed to in Montana. That and that Howard Dean still speaks for me, and hundreds like me in the state democratic party.

    "Of what avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map?" Aldo Leopold

    by Ed in Montana on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 09:25:12 AM PDT

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