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  •  ahem........ (4.00)
    1. Nobody in the Federal government - including the courts are telling you where or when you can observe your religion because (as you correctly point out) it is your Constitutional right to do so. If, however,  you feel that that right extend to your being able to expound your religion in a publicly funded forum such as a school then you need to wean yourself from your diet of RNC talking points and go read the Constitution you're so fond of quoting - paying particular attention to the part where the 1st talks about 'establishing religion'.
    2. While I'm certainly no fan of 'tax and spend' (assuming you're naive enough to believe such propaganda of one party but not the other) it's one hell of alot more fiscally responsible than the 'conservative' Republican strategy which is to 'not tax and spend' - and leave the debt to our children.
    3. There are no simple reasons for anything in politics - including why Kerry lost the election. The sooner you understand this and stop listening to fucktards like Hannity and Limbaugh trying to tell you otherwise the better off you'll be. We're an incredibly diverse country with widely disparate views on many, many things and simplistic stereotypes and assumptions are counter-productive and ,frankly, ignorant. This is one the single most damning effect of the pundit class and MSM of both the left and right.
    4. Which part of Dr. Deans ideology don't you like? His fiscal conservatism? His States-right Gun control position? His stay-the-course-in-Iraq position? He'll be a boon to Republicans for about as long as they can convince you not to think any deeper than the talking points and faithfully repeat 'extreme liberal' every time his name is mentitioned.

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