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  •  His goose hunting photo op (4.00)
    looked fake and contrived. That what people said about it. It was style over substance on the gun issue.
    •  How could it not, (4.00)
      when Kerry was faked and contrived. See, both parties have been engaged in turning elections into marketing wars. You gotta be a good actor, good enough for "B" movies (ala Reagan, and Annaald), or you have to be true believer. The Repugs appear to be better at recruitng grade "B" actors, so I think we need to move on to plan "B". Get a real public servant that will say what he thinks people need to hear so they can make the best choice, not what they want to hear, so they can be led around by the nose. Dean's that guy, because he is at heart a doctor. He stayed in politics after his untimely  arrival to the governorship, because he realized he could help alot more people than he could as a GP. Furthermore, he had learned how to talk to ordinary people and explain very complicated stuff to them, in a way that would allow them to make informed decisions. He dealt with ordinary people everyday, and developed a huge respect for them. He really thinks that if you give people the info they need, they will do fine. And if they don't, well it was thier decision afterall. Oh, and he actually believes in Democracy, too. Got me to believe in it too, for awhile. Face it guys, we got to figure out how to get Dean to give into running again!

      We are all wearing the blue dress now.

      by PLS on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 11:48:48 AM PDT

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