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  •  West vs. East (none)
    Well, let's look quickly at the history of the Democratic Party.  For a long time our base was the South, and there was a constant debate after the Civil War if the party should look West (Think Bryan) or East (Think Cleveland) for allies.  It continued up through the 1920s.

    Today our base is the North.  But do we look South for allies, or West for allies?  A Western platform would be looking West, obviously.  An Eastern platform would be looking to the South and trying to build a coalition that would resemble Carter in 1976, but more tilted to the North.

    I think an Eastern platform would tend to be more hawkish and also take a center-right position on issues like abortion and censorship.  Hillary seems to be following the Eastern platform strategy.

    Socially Just, Fiscally Responsible: FreedomDemocrats

    by LoganFerree on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 10:06:30 AM PDT

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