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  •  so (none)
    what is your recommendation w/ regard to #6 exactly?

    Re #5: Sorry but some big government programs do in fact work. I'm thinking primarily of Social Security in the U.S. but other countries efforts at universal healthcare have also been vastly more successful than the US's free market alternative (getting bled dry by Big Pharma). Your comment about people working responsibly is true but completely ignores the elephant in the room - corporations. Do you really want your government to abandon you and your community to the predations of a multinational? Think about it.

    •  My recommendation... (none)
      is to pack up and get to the airport.  This is not a  widely held view.

      As for opposition to big government, lots here at Kos will argue against it, and indeed it is not a logical argument, but it is a widely held Western value nonetheless.

      If I owned both Hell and Texas I'd rent out Texas and live in Hell. W.T. Sherman

      by Ralph on Mon Jul 18, 2005 at 10:17:06 AM PDT

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