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  •  Ain't that the durndest thing (0+ / 0-)

    A tribe of Native Americans not giving a crap about what some white colonists who decided to plant their houses and golf courses in a desert think about their use of their water rights.

    Sure, they're selling it to other white folks to sell to other white folks on a wasteful product but taking advantage of the shortsightedness and economic idiocy of white people seems to power many of the Native American nations' economies.

    You think a slot machine is lucky? Go on, sit there all day and watch the shiny lights and press the blinking buttons.

    Gosh, the article even says that the amount they're using could be "enough water for about 400 typical homes in the Coachella Valley".


    Alternatively, the manager of the local water agency said "in 2012 [they] recorded a total of 32,000 acre-feet of groundwater pumped in its entire area, from Calimesa to Cabazon. Compared to that, the estimated 750 acre-feet of water drawn from Millard Canyon represents roughly 2 percent. A single golf course can use more water.

    "It's literally peanuts. It's a drop in the ocean," Davis said. "You're talking about such a small amount of water that it's kind of ridiculous to fight over that."

    And the operation is even partly run on wind power.

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