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View Diary: Confirmed, Chuck Schumer couldn't be more wrong in his wrong attempt to break voting (117 comments)

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    Larrydonline wrote:  "The problem with requiring more than 50% of the vote for the top two before the general election as suggested by criggs is that it could conceivably necessitate multiply runoffs."

    Quite so.  But there is only one solution to that, and it remains really the best solution, even though it's one of the tougher ones to sell due to unfamiliarity.  And that solution is instant runoff.

    The good thing about instant runoff is that there has to be one election and only one election.  Effectively one is holding a bunch of elections all at the same time, and you take care of all of it in one fell swoop.

    Unfortunately, even though it is an amazingly simple concept, I have yet to explain it successfully to anyone who isn't already somewhat familiar with it; it truly is an alien concept to most Americans, and one to which they are extraordinarily resistant, usually without having the vaguest notion what they're talking about.  Very frustrating.

    The biggest knock on it is that it's "complex", an excellent illustration of how profoundly the concept is misunderstood; in fact, it is an extraordinarily simple and straightforward concept.

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