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View Diary: Busted! Heritage Foundation economist can only defend Kansas tax cuts by fabricating data (77 comments)

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        Face it republicans, you elected LIARS.  ALL LIARS!!!!  You voters need to remove your dunce hats before even they are taken from your heads by the greedy, self-entitled, PRICKS, WHICH ARE MOSTLY REPUBLICANS!!!  They are robbing the middle class and starving the poor!!!!  Some democrats are of the same persuasion, like that New York governor Cuomo!!!  He has to go too!!!!  But all in all republicans are the biggest thieves in the gangs and gangs of thieves who run state governments!!!  READ ABOUT THEM!!!  GET YOUR HANDS ON EVERYTHING YOU CAN - PRO AND CON - ABOUT THEM!!!!!  DON'T JUST TAKE THE WORDS OF FOX OR CNN OR MSNBC!!!  Listen to all of them and make your own judgements!!!  DON'T GO BLINDLY INTO THE VOTING BOOTH AND VOTE EITHER WAY JUST BECAUSE YOUR PARENTS DID; OR SOME OTHER EQUALLY STUPID THING!!!!  VOTE FOR YOURSELVES!!!!!!  YOU HAVE TO CUT THE APRON STRINGS SOMETIME!!!!  SO GROW UP NOW!!!  USE YOUR OWN HEADS!!!

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