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  •  A lot of people (6+ / 0-)

    vent on this site.  There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, as a general rule, it is encouraged.

    Deleterious did not threaten or wish physical harm on anyone.

    At most, Deleterious wished the judge time in hell, if it exists, and agreed to spend time there with him, in penance for wishing he had to spend time there.

    As far as rants go, this is a just expression of the frustration and anger that I would hope everyone is experiencing in response to this miscarriage of justice, and the attitude exhibited by this judge in particular.

    The message - we are tired of women and girls being expendable.  We are angry that women and girls get blamed for the bad behavior of their abusers.

    The judge is rightfully losing his job for this.  And instead of self reflection and apologizing for what he has done, he is rubbing everyone's nose in the fact that he has a pretty good life, and now he will get to enjoy it more.

    Deleterious has a righteous grievance, and was relatively mild in expressing it.

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