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  •  Well, Glad I am to see you didn't go all Malcolm. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    don mikulecky

    And very happy just to see you post on your area of
    expertise, and it's continual and undiminished influence
    oh, on just about everything, if one perceives sufficiently.

    I remembered reading recently about measurable
    fluctuations in our magnetosphere, which some
    scientists theorize is indicative of a polarity reversal,
    or cosmic social butterfly excursions, and during
    the googlesearch to refrench my mammaries, I learned
    that the our sun is soon due for one of its own dipole events.

    I immediately jumped to exclusions and wondered,
    considering the regular periodicity, and historical or
    geological records of such events, if such had ever
    occurred simultaneously, geologically speaking?

    Unfortunately, I do not have the basic mathematical
    skills needed to even formulate the right questions to
    ask about the extrapolated effects for such glorious machinations.

    Probably none, but we humans seem to look for
    meaning and understanding where ever it can be had.
    A successful evolutionary trait, or doomed maladaptation?  

    It wouldn't surprise me to discover that it had, or
    had not, either way. There seems to be a random
    element or two involved, which does not augur well
    for absolute certainty.  Which may be just the tonic
    needed to reduce those who are absolutely sure about
    everything to the random and chaotic significance they deny.

    I think going from the age of reason to the age
    of uncertainty has a certain amount of poetic justice
    baked into its genetic zen source koan. It doesn't frighten
    me, although I am almost smart enough to respect
    that most are, and I suppose, rightfully, should be,
    if they only fully realized all of the infinite implications.

    Tough to grasp the true meanings of random chaos in
    our own so called ordered perceptions of our finite selves.
    Especially to those who know and feel that ever nearing  finality.

    I cannot deny its existence, nor its ultimate effects
    on everything that I have ever experienced. Seems
    very natural to me, which I why I am not afraid.

    Thanks for all of your efforts to break through
    to those who like simple answers to difficult problems.

    The persecution of "the left" at Daily Kos... (76+ / 1-) reminds me of the War on Christmas. I'm a Silly Rabbit. by Trix on Fri Nov 01, 2013 at 05:39:00 PM CDT

    by Larsstephens on Fri Jul 25, 2014 at 10:21:19 PM PDT

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