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  •  Poll: Women not happy with Hobby Lobby (8+ / 0-)

    Via ThinkProgress:

    The majority of female voters don’t want to vote for politicians who support Hobby Lobby’s move to drop coverage for some forms of contraceptives, according to a new poll conducted by Hart Research Associates. Although the crafts chain won its recent Supreme Court challenge on religious liberty grounds, the results suggest that candidates may not win their races with the same stance.

    Fifty seven percent of respondents told pollsters that they’d be more likely to support a candidate who opposes allowing employers to drop birth control coverage, and about half of them said they feel “very strongly” about that preference. An even higher number, 71 percent, said that elected officials who support the Hobby Lobby ruling are focused on the “wrong issues and priorities.”

    The distaste for pro-Hobby Lobby candidates isn’t limited to voters who identify as Democrats. About 55 percent of independents said they were more likely to support politicians who oppose allowing companies to refuse to cover contraception, versus just 20 percent who said they would lend their support to a politician who supports that policy. Republican women are about evenly split, with 34 percent preferring candidates who oppose the Hobby Lobby ruling and 38 percent preferring candidates who favor it.

    All those numbers are of just women.  But before you get all giddy, look at the actual memo, which says:
    Our most recent national survey of 1,083 women voters between the ages of 18 and 55 reveals that a large majority oppose the Supreme Court’s decision on the Hobby Lobby case.
    They didn't interview ANY women over the age of 55??  Um... they're gonna make up a significant percentage of the voting electorate this November.  Something about the methodology here seems... lacking.  Though it should be OK if it's acknowledged up front that this only applies to women aged 18-55.

    Which ThinkProgress didn't do.  Argh.

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