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  •  But (6+ / 0-)
    So, only problem, that doesn't use up an eggplant. I grilled the rest of it, but am pretty boring about using it up.
    But does it taste boring?  That's the key question.

    P.S.  I'm just not fond of eggplant, myself--I've tried over the years to acquire a taste for the veggie, but it's just not worked.  I'm curious as to what else you do with your pasta dish--just take the remaining bits & saute?  I suppose tomatoes and/or zucchini would be a decent substitute for the eggplant?

    •  No, it's pretty good. Eggplant, roasted red pepper (6+ / 0-)

      feta, herbs - it's a good pasta sauce. It's only boring if it's the only thing I ever do with it! :)

      Tonight I used some small scoops of a tomato sauce that Mr pixxer made last night, put this in a small saucepan and added the grilled eggplant pieces, cut into a large dice, red pepper (grilled, skinned, and seeded) cut to a similar size, a bunch of chopped marjoram, thyme, and basil, and a bit of pasta cooking water, and at the very end, added some French feta. It was quite tasty. I just wanted some alternatives! :)

      I'm not sure that substituting for eggplant is what you want to do. Just take the zucchini and ask what it wants to accompany it :) I haven't made a zucchini pasta, at least not recently. If you're not a veggie, consider a good sausage, sliced and sauteed, along with the zucchini. I bet that would be tasty!

      •  Thanks for the guidance! (6+ / 0-)

        I'm becoming, in my old age (almost 40), more of a vegetarian than omnivore.  (I still love my meat, as I'm about to demonstrate, but I'm perfectly happy to not have any meat in my meals.)  Thanks for the suggestions.  I will keep them in mind.

        •  We probably eat veggie meals more than half the (5+ / 0-)

          time, just... not thinking particularly about it. When meat is part of the meal, ordinarily it's more of a flavoring than a central feature (like the calzone last Sunday, with three cheeses, herbs, and a slice of prosciutto in small pieces, inside).

          My KID is 43. This is not old age. Trust me :) I'm not even feeling terribly old yet, though I do see the threat of not being able to travel looming over the horizon, and strongly encouraging me to retire!

          •  My family's roots are Southern . . . (4+ / 0-)
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            pixxer, ninkasi23, tapestry, greengemini

            Meat generally is central to dinner, if not other meals.

            Now, however, there are times when I just rustle up some asparagus sauteed with sweet bell pepper & grape tomatoes & call it a night.

            •  A great way to have asparagus and stick in (4+ / 0-)

              some protein is roasted asparagus with feta. Epicurious has a fantastic version. It completely changes the taste of the asparagus. It's quite a treat!

              Found it:

              Re that "meat as the center of dinner" thing - I don't think it's particularly Southern, I think it's more like European, and came here with (many of) our ancestors. Definitely a midwestern style, east coast style... those are the ones I'm familiar with, anyway :)

              That is certainly how my Mom cooked, and still cooks - can't quite believe it's dinner if there isn't beef or pork in a hunk on the plate (permitted exception: spaghetti with hamburger) and my Dad's family was the same. Meat, starch, veggie.  The pixxer family just got away from that by tripping over the other fabulous alternatives and getting sucked in by the deliciousness of complex flavor mixes, of which meats are sometimes, but not always, an element.

              •  Thanks for the recipe! (4+ / 0-)
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                ninkasi23, tapestry, pixxer, greengemini

                I'm just now developing a taste for feta in general (slowly training my palate).  It'll be interesting to try this recipe.

                Meat, starch, veggie.

                That's exactly my mother's style!  (Sometimes she'd have two starches, but that's because we considered corn a vegetable.)  To be fair, that's the model that is pushed on a lot of cooking shows, especially Chopped (one of my favorites).  It's expected in the dinner round for an acceptable dish to have those three elements.  Lots of times, you'll see contestants realize in the middle of the round that they've "forgotten to have a starch" & will start running around the kitchen trying to rectify their mistake.

      •  One of the best sandwiches in the universe (4+ / 0-)
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        pixxer, ninkasi23, tapestry, greengemini

        is grilled eggplant, roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella, basil and/or arugula on foccacia bread. Drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette. (Lately I have been roasting the eggplant in the oven just for a change from grilled - either way is good)

        Tomato is optional - I usually skip it

        My husband often adds meat, (turkey, genoa salami, etc) but I usually just have the veggies.

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