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View Diary: If you have cable or satellite service, you are paying for Fox News (181 comments)

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  •   I also fired cable 4-5 years ago (5+ / 0-)

    I get MSNBC here:
    Most of the sports that I want here:
    Mainstream network programming here:

    And the usual free video from things like Al Jazeera, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, etc. And paid video from Netflix.

    One piece of bad news, though, if you live outside the US; I was making quite a bit of use of Hulu for a while, by accessing it via a proxy server. Unfortunately, Hulu is now locking out proxy servers.  

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      Metric Only, cville townie

      I beat most of you, avoiding Fox entirely. I cut the cord in 1996, months before Fox News went on the air (in retrospect, a lucky coincidence). I've never given them a dime of my cable money.  The lack of being brainwashed to their "news" views (I only rarely see it, when at places other than home) is a big part of what drove me to become active on the progressive side of politics. When you haven't been conditioned by years of Fox, their "news" seems pretty far out there.

      I've got by since 1996 on over the air TV (the switch to digital was great for me), DVDs, and now some online streaming.  Not paying for cable for years has saved me a bundle of money too, I'm sure.

      But I've likely paid small amounts for Fox, through occasional hotel stays with cable, and possibly by subscribing for a time to a package of satellite radio that included the Fox News audio feed.  I wonder how much Fox gets for that... probably like in TV, they demand high fees.

      I also remember a local story when Fox was first on-air with a local TV channel, they got busted for cheating on and inflating their Arbitron ratings. In retrospect, this was probably just one of the first steps toward elbowing their way to the top.

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