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View Diary: If you have cable or satellite service, you are paying for Fox News (181 comments)

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  •  Huh? If someone wants to expand their a la (0+ / 0-)

    carte menu, what's to stop them from simply adding the content to their lineup, especially in this day and age?  Hasn't pay per view been around for like 2 decades now?  The whole point of a la carte is that you pick the program that you want to watch when you want to watch it.  You aren't locked into a single channel offering -- that is an archaic cable-tv centric concept.

    Overall, a la carte through cable doesn't matter because cable tv is a dinosaur of a business model -- kind of like the music industry in the late 1990's just prior to Napster.  Newer, more nimble services from Apple, Google, and NetFlix will continue to refine and expand their own a la carte offerings and eventually at prices that will give the cable companies strong competition.

    •  Generally, when I've heard the term a la carte (0+ / 0-)

      used in terms of cable tv, it's usually been meant to buying cable per channel rather than per program. What your talking about is, as you seem to grock, something outside of the cable TV model.

      As far as pay-per-view (as distinct from on demand) that usually runs around $60 a pop.

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