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  •  What is the economic return? (10+ / 0-)

    What is the cash value of love?
    What is the ROI of a sunset?
    Is baseball a great game because it makes money?
    What is the economic return of your child, and if you lost money on her would you sell her?
    How much would you charge to change your religion? -- Not just take the money and fake it, but really, REALLY change?

    Is it better to profit from a lie or lose money on a search for truth?

    Conservatives are idiots. We know that.

    The idea that everything can ONLY be justified by it's ROI is just another stupid conservative trick. Another self-serving, self-aggrandizing lie they use to get their way and pretend they are serious and "intuhleckchewull."

    When conservative loons build "creation museums" full of lies and moron-level made up shit, they do it purely for the money. We know that. It's a con to milk the rubes for their cash. There's a lot of nickels and dimes to be grabbed from idiots and fools. This is the heart and soul of conservative "religion."

    And they assume that everything everyone else does is for the same reason and is of the same nature.

    They can't be taught truth because they assume that everything is a con artist's lie told to profit someone. They assume the LHC is no different in any way from some xtianist theme park and their objection is not the content, it's that THEY feel slighted by not getting a free pile of gubbamint money to sell THEIR packs of lies.

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