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  •  MI-Everything: State parties invest in technology (8+ / 0-)

    Interesting read from Crain's Detroit about the Michigan Republicans and Democrats' respective efforts to invest in better technology. There's nothing hugely revealing that hasn't been published elsewhere, but it's worth checking out.

    Democratic chair Lon Johnson gets a good quote in:

    "The fundamentals are still the same. Technology just allows us to work faster and smarter," said Lon Johnson, chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party. "Walter Reuther and Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the world with index cards. Imagine what we can do with an iPhone."
    Also, there was this at the end:
    Johnson has also already deployed two other technological tools that he believes will set the party up for success this fall.

    The first was to hire Washington, D.C.-based to supply free websites to every Democratic candidate statewide, including township and village council candidates on nonpartisan ballots.

    Those candidates for local office will someday be the next candidates for the state House and Senate, and Johnson said getting them set up with a website to communicate with voters is a first step.

    There are 4,500 elected Democratic officials in the state, Johnson said; fewer than 500 have websites.

    "We have to create a digital infrastructure," he said.

    The second step, the absentee ballot app developed by Dandelion, was announced earlier this month.

    Johnson said because so many voters are attached to their smartphones, the effort is needed.

    "We must meet them there, or we will lose," he said.

    My biggest pet peeve as a web developer is candidates for local office not having websites or having really crappy websites. It's so incredibly easy and relatively cheap to have a decent and professional-looking website. It's a minimum threshold for credibility with voters. Glad to see they're making the effort.

    And the absentee ballot app is smart.

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